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Most recent publications:

Close stellar flybys common in low-mass clustersS Pfalzner, A Govindaccepted ApJ
Significant interstellar object production by close stellar flybysS Pfalzner, L Aizpuru Vargas, A Bhandareaccepted A&A
Interstellar objects follow the collapse of molecular cloudsS Pfalzner, D Paterson, M Bannister, S Portegies zwart accepted ApJ
Oumuamuas Passing through Molecular Clouds S Pfalzner, M Davies, G Kokaia, M BannisterApJL 903,114,2020
Cradle(s) of the SunS Pfalzner, K VinckeApJ 897, 60, 2020
A hypothesis for the rapid formation of planetsS Pfalzner, M BannisterApJ 874, 2019
Outer solar system possibly shaped by stellar flyby S Pfalzner, A Bhandare, K Vincke,P LacerdaApJ 863, 2018
Did a stellar fly-by shape the planetary system around Pr 0211 in cluster M44?S Pfalzner, A Bhandare, K VinckeA&A 610, 2018

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