Recent Outreach

Oumuamua – ein Asteroid aus einem fernen Planetensystem at MPI for Solar System research, March 2023

Oumuamua – Überraschungen beim ersten interstellaren Objekt in the series “Faszination Astronomie Online”, October 2021

Selected Media Coverage

Geburtshelfer für Planeten 3sat Dokumentarreihe “nano”, Oktober 2019

Oumuamua-Like Objects Might Supercharge Planet Formation Scientific American, April 2019

Did a stellar intruder deform our outer solar system Scientific American, July 2018

Passung Star may have disturbed the solar system billions of years ago New Scientist, July 2018

Rogue star may explain why outer solar system so odd nbc news, August 2018

Double stars succumb to fatal attraction, Nature News, September 2012

Double stars succumb to fatal attraction Scientific American, September 2021